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Meeting of regional development funds

15 October 2019

Pomeranian Development Fund (PFR) organized a meeting of regional development funds.


The first of the two thematic sessions covered the experiences of the Pomeranian Development Fund in the creation of the so-called data warehouse. Karol Nowakowski, Expert on data architecture and IT development at PFR, presented the company’s achievements in this area. In his speech, entitled “Optimization and development of collecting, processing, presenting & reporting data as well as management information processes according to the Pomeranian model”, he emphasized the benefits of building and developing his own data warehouse.


Marek Ignor, President of the Management Board of the Lower Silesian Development Fund (DFR), led the next panel.  He familiarized the participants with the principles and processes functioning in the formula of transferring “post-JEREMIE” funds to the Company in the form of supplementary capital contributions.

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