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Loans for Real Estates and Boosting Export

06 January 2019

Business owners who dream about infrastructure for their company or those who want to conquer international markets can apply for two new loans of Pomeranian Development Fund – Export Loan and Business Real Estate Loan.


Export Loan is dedicated to investments and turnover goals. It is a great solution for those companies who wish to develop or start export activities. As part of this loan one can get a max of 750 thousands złoty with a lower interest rate than in a commercial bank.


Business Real Estate Loan was designed to help those who want to buy, redecorate, modernize or adapt real estate for their company’s needs. The maximum amount of this loan is 1,5 million złoty, with an interest rate lower than in a commercial bank. Start-up’s can also apply for this loan.


To get more information about such offers we welcome you to contact our broker, Powiślańsko-Kaszubskie Konsorcjum composing of: Regionalne Towarzystwo Inwestycyjne S.A., Kaszubski Fundusz Przedsiębiorczości S.A., Towarzystwo Rozwoju Powiśla.

Media contact:

Maciej Kniter

Senior Promotion Specialist
Phone: 530 950 932

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